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Trying to maintain good health can be challenging and overwhelming.

If you don't have an affordable health insurance plan, you are prone to…

Financial Vulnerability

Exposed to high medical costs, leading to potential financial strain and debt.

Limited Access to Care

Reduced access to quality healthcare, risking delayed treatments.

Health Neglect

Increased risk of untreated illnesses, impacting overall well-being and long-term health.

At OYSHIA, we are your unwavering partner, providing peace of mind and top-tier care. With us, you confidently embrace life, secure in the knowledge that your well-being is shielded from uncertainties.

Why over 300,000 people chose us?

Our commitment to your well-being is crystal clear. With OYSHIA, you're not just choosing and affordable health insurance; you're choosing peace of mind and unmatched convenience. Embrace the OYSHIA advantage!

Why Over 300,000 Lives Chose Us?

  • Affordable and comprehensive health care plans

  • Quality health care services

  • Easy access to quality health care services

  • Prompt Services delivery

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3 simple steps to get covered

Selecting a suitable plan is simple and seamless…

Choose a Plan

Navigate our range of tailored health insurance plans to discover the perfect fit for your unique needs.


With a seamless sign-up process and secured payment gateway, you can quickly secure your coverage without any hassle.

Enjoy Quality Care

Immerse yourself in a world of top-notch medical care, where your well-being is nurtured at every step.

Say goodbye to waiting and step into a world of personalized health insurance solutions. Unlock your health potential today.

Choose a health care plan that suits your needs...

The best health insurance plans don't have to put a hole in your pocket. You can get covered for as low as N1,125/month

For you & Your Loved Ones

Relieve the worry of unforeseen health issues for yourself, aged parents and yours loved ones with insurance that brings protection and peace of mind.

For Families

Your family’s health is your wealth. Secure the well-being of up to four family members, with the flexibility to add more if needed. It’s the key to a happier, healthier future.

For Businesses & Organizations

Transform your team’s health security with plans that enhance well-being, stability, and productivity, so you can focus on running your business.

For Your Pregnancy

Ease the uncertainties and stress of pregnancy with coverage that ensures both your health and your baby’s future are in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can now enroll directly on our website. Click here to enroll now You can also enroll in any of our enroll centers or with any of our accredited agents.

After enrollment, there is a waiting period of 30 to 60 days before you start accessing care. However for corporate entities or group enrollment of more than 10 people, the waiting period is one month.

As many times as you may need healthcare.

Yes, you can change the hospital 2 times in a year. However, a waiting period of 90 days before the change will be affected. If you are not satisfied with the services call the number below.

You can register your complaints on the website, or send an email to or call the numbers at the back of your ID Card.

If you have any pre-existing condition, kindly visit our office at ministry of establishment & training, state secretariat ibadan. 

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Oyo State Health Insurance Agency (OYSHIA) is ensuring affordable access to comprehensive healthcare services for all indigenes and residents of Oyo State.

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