A week training for OYSHIA accredited providers on operationalization of Oyo State Health Insurance Scheme, started with a two day training of Public Providers at Haruna De Plaza Hotel, Oyo.

About 205 participants were present from various zones within the State. The training was divided into different segments where critical issues that serves as the pillar of the scheme was discussed.

Participants at the event in Aruna De Plaza, Oyo

On the first day of the training, the purpose, objectives and expectations of the training was spelt out clearly by the Executive Secretary.

Dr. Sola Akande explained that Health insurance is a private business in government facilities. Oyo state Health Insurance can still be run using public facilities. According to him, profit is essential to any Health Insurance to enhance any sustainability however, if there is a sound understanding of how Health Insurance works, the scheme will not be endangered.

Other crucial matters like OYSHIA Health plans and marketing, enrolment and ICT, referral and claims management and Finance were taken by different facilitators from the Agency.

Gracing the training program on the first day, officials from the Ministry of Health led by The Honourable Commissioner for Health Dr. Olabode Oladipo, Chairman Hospital Management Board Dr. Gbola Adetunji, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Dr. Muftau Ayoola, The Permanent Secretary State Hospitals Management Board Dr. Soji Adeyanju all gave their goodwill messages.

Team from Ministry of Health led by Commissioner for health Dr. Olabode Oladipo

The commissioner in his remarks, stated the efforts of the state government under the leadership of Engr. Seyi Makinde in ensuring that Primary Health Care Centers will be at every single wards in Oyo State.  

The officials of the Ministry of Health led by the Hon Commissioner were later led to the General Hospital Oyo for formal commissioning of 8 bedroom self-contain accommodation built with OYSHIA capitation. Speaking at the event, Dr. Olabode Oladipo, Chairman Hospital Management Board, Dr. Gbola Adetunji, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health commended the initiative as it will provide the proximity needed for patients in time of emergencies and deepen the services of the Hospital.

In his remark, the Archbishop Emeritus, Ayo Ladigbolu who according to him had benefited immensely having subscribed to the scheme about 3 years ago when OYSHIA took its advocacy to Oyo at the inception of the scheme, lauded the initiative of the State government programme. He now enjoined everyone to key into the scheme because of the benefits inherent in it.

The last two days witnessed the turn of Private Health Providers who were tutored on the new innovations and reforms that the agency is introducing to help bridge the gap between private providers and enrollees under the OYSHIA scheme. The two day training also did justice to how private facilities can reduce their utilization to help maximize profit in Health financing and how to use their capitation to assist better service delivery that they offer to the enrollees. 

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